Stone Masonry Restoration Services

Stone repair and restoration is the most popular of Metro Detroit Masonry's customized projects. Our expertise in stone has allotted us a reputation of excellence in both new construction as well as stone restoration services. Our professional crew has the experience and attention to detail to create a homogeneous look for your project. Our natural stone services include limestone, sandstone, terra cotta, renaissance, and white stone work. We have access to a network of quarries providing a wide array of stone options which allow us to accommodate virtually every project proposed to us.

Cultured, or engineered, stone is a popular and cost-effective way to distinguish your property from others. Our clients look to us to provide specialized stone services that include the selection of stone and materials, project design and engineering as well as fabrication of cultured materials. We will also provide projections of the budget and time constraints, as well as a full description of all aspects of your project.

Besides installation of natural and cultured stone, we also offer the following stone restoration services:

  • Sill setting and replacement
  • Custom stone repair
  • Resetting of loose, deflected, or displaced stone
  • Patching or resurfacing
  • Replacement of spalling or disintegrated stone
  • Capstone/coping replacement and parapet wall repair
  • Stone power-washing and waterproofing/sealing

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