Residential Porch Renovation

Metro Detroit Masonry understands the importance of your home’s porch. It’s the most visible part of your house, which is why we have devoted a special crew for residential porch renovation. From conception to completion, we make it a point to be involved in every aspect of the job. Porches are often affected by the elements not only because of their location to the house, but because they are often built on an adjacent footing, which can sink or move with time. Whether you need masonry or mortar matched to an older or historic house, our specialists will produce quality workmanship with lasting results. We also offer porch steps repair services as well as the ability to compliment your home’s current structure by adding highlights to your existing porch. Metro Detroit Masonry has many years of porch restoration experience and our staff is not only highly qualified, but licensed by the States of Michigan and Missouri as well.

Our services include:

  • Custom residential porch renovation
  • Footing inspections, pinning, anchoring and the removal and re-pouring of footings
  • Brick and stone repairs: Tuck pointing, brick replacement, rebuilds
  • New concrete porch slabs and adjacent concrete walkways
  • Brick and concrete porch steps repair
  • Resurfacing of slabs
  • Porch dimensions alterations
  • Installation of porch awnings, covers, columns, and support systems
  • Installation of railing system: Brick, steel or aluminum

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